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Graduate Program: M.Sc. in Computer Science & Engineering


Course/ Program Title: M.Sc. in Computer Science & Engineering






       In order to prepare potential and productive persons in industry and academia, as well as in government and private sector, in the undergraduate and graduate programs of the Department of CSE of UU an excellent environment of teaching, learning, and research in computing and IT has been maintained from the very past. In particular, we aim:


To produce highly qualified and all-rounded graduate possessing fundamental knowledge of computing and information technology who can provide leadership and service to Bangladesh and the world.


To pursue creative research and new innovations in Computer Science and Engineering and across disciplines in order to serve the needs of industry, government, society, and the scientific community by expanding and contributing to the body of knowledge in the field.


To develop strong partnerships with industrial and government and non-government agencies, professional societies, and local communities.






To be a recognized as the leader having proper and recent education and research in the Computer Science and Engineering arena, especially with a strong impact in the timely and targeted areas of research to attract the excellent faculty and students worldwide.




Educational Objectives


The academic objectives of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) are to provide outstanding education that can:


Promote a philosophy of learning with the development of a computer science/engineering student body to be prepared for their specific profession, for advanced studies and careers in research with multidisciplinary knowledge.


Provide a stimulating academic research environment for individuals who would be capable to work in both industry and academia, and would be the leaders in the demonstration of professional skills and in the development of new technology for the benefit of society.

Course information:
 16 Course Works & 51 Credit Hours

Semester Required: 3 Semesters

Time Duration: 1 Year

*** All courses are 3 credit hours program except the thesis works include 6 credit hours. 

Why should I choose M.Sc. in CSE?


The Department of Computer Science & Engineering offers a program of study leading to Master of Computer Science & Engineering. The Program emphasizes the theory and applications of both hardware and software and permits concentrations of study in specific areas of computer science.


Key Skills

Investigations include architecture design, parallel processing, microprocessor-based-systems, fault-tolerant computing and design for testability, computer-aided design, computer vision, VLSI system design, embedded systems, local area networks, and hardware/software design.

Future Opportunities


The M.Sc. in CSE program covers internationally recognized syllabus & course materials so that the students will able to understand & implement the deep sense of knowledge in the field of modern technologies. The program has been designed as international standards so that they can achieve the perfect blend of theory and practice in order to provide a path for students to steadily increase their engineering knowledge and skills to compete both nationally and globally.



Admission Eligibilities & Procedure


A Student having a B.Sc. degree (4 Years Program) in Computer Science & Engineering of Electrical & Electronic Engineering of accredited bachelor’s degree in Computer Science / Computer Engineering/ Physics/ Applied Physics/ Math/ Applied Math/ Statistics/ Applied Statistics/ Equivalent subjects with two years IT related working experience may be admitted to the Master of Science & Engineering Program with the satisfaction of the admission requirements as set forth by the appropriate authority. A student must have at least two first class & one second class in all public examinations or an overall minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 (4.0 scale).


Course Information


For M. Sc. in Computer Science & Engineering (M.Sc. in CSE) program include total 16 courses and 51 Credit Hours

Course List

12 Core Course 36 Credit   

Course Code, Title & Credit Details pdf



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